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About The Author

Remonia received her Evangelism certification through Acts II Evangelism Training at the Potters House in Dallas, Texas. She was one of the first of four hundred and fifty women to step out of the shadows and complete a four month Life enrichment program under the direct tutelage of Elder Serita Jakes.

She has received numerous leadership, facilitation and training certifications in both her

professional career and in ministry. In September 2017, she received her Ordination License through Changing Lives Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Michael C. Bradford. Most recently noted she received her certification as a Personal Development Life Coach from Living On Purpose Life Coaching Academy, from Master Coach Kimberly Jones of Atlanta, Georgia.

Her goal is to always lead with excellence and style through the glory of God.

Remonia's mission is to impart a biblical and practical balance,

when teaching God’s word.

She dedicates her life daily to mentor and coach

women to find their authentic identity and to propel them into their life’s destiny.

Her Valuable Women conferences are well attended by women from all walks of life, and from various regions of the United States.


To live an inspiringl life through Christ Jesus utilizing her God given gifts to Teach and Inspire all she comes in contact with.

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